The Gosu team is happy to announce the official release of Gosu 0.10.2 and Gosu Plugin 3.2 for IntelliJ 12.

In this release we open sourced the last missing parts:

Gosu language

The changes to the language in this release are minor:

Intellij Gosu Editor

Several bugs have been fixed in the past months. The Gosu plugin is much more reliable now and the installation process is less error prone. The refactoring support has been enhanced and several “Quick fixes” and “Inspections” have been added. (ex “The ‘new expression’ can be replaced by a block”, “The method can be replaced by a property”, etc). A Java to Gosu translator has been implemented, Java code can be copied and pasted as Gosu on the fly in the editor. The plugin is available from the JetBrains repository, which is directly accessible from your IntelliJ 12 plugins setup dialog. Select “Gosu”, right click and install (see this page more detailed instructions).