A simple JVM language.

Gosu was designed with **Java** developers in mind by providing a set of features
that allows them to be more productive without sacrificing the benefits of Java's
simplicity and type-safety.

- Open Type System
- Advanced type inference
- Program files (mix statements, functions, and classes at the same level)
- Structural typing (like TypeScript's interfaces)
- Extension methods (aka enhancements)
- Java interoperability
- Lambda expressions
- Classes/Interfaces/Enums
- Generics (simplified, reified, declaration site variance)
- Composition (via the delegate keyword)
- Properties
- Null Safety (supports operator ?. etc.)
- Named Arguments and Default Parameter Values
- A powerful for-statement with user-defined ranges
- Member Literals
- Object Initializers
- Classpath Statement and Shebang (for use with Gosu as a scripting language)
...and more

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